RAC Report on Motoring 2020

Organisation: RAC
Date of Publication: September 2020
Date Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 24 August 2021

2020 will doubtless go down in history as the year of the coronavirus pandemic, and this report looks at what the arrival of Covid-19 meant for the UK’s 40m drivers.

How did it affect the use of their cars, their behaviour on the roads, and their plans to change vehicles in the future? How did it change their use of public transport and will it lead to more walking or cycling in the future? These are some of the areas covered in the 2020 RAC Report on Motoring. 

2020 might also be remembered as a milestone in the availability of battery electric, zero-emission cars, with far more models coming on to the market than ever before as well as the introduction of the first new Clean Air Zones outside London.

This report looks at how drivers’ opinions are changing in light of these developments, along with drivers’ attitudes to other, long-running motoring-related issues such as illegal mobile phone use and the state of the country’s roads.

The 2020 survey was completed by 3,068 drivers and the results are weighted to be nationally-representative of UK drivers.

As well as the full report, the link below gives access to a series of briefing papers covering the following topics:

• What were drivers most concerned about in 2020?
• Car dependency and the pandemic
• The state of the UK’s roads
• The dangers on roads
• Speeding and in-car distractions

Download the Report on Motoring 2020 using the link below, or browse papers on the specific topics listed above.