Road traffic accidents recorded by neighbourhood deprivation decile in London (2019)

Organisation: Trust for London and London Road Safety Council
Date uploaded: 8 December 2020
Date published: November 2020

New analysis shows that people living and working in London’s most deprived neighbourhoods are twice as likely to be injured in a road traffic collision than the least deprived areas.

The analysis, produced for London’s Poverty Profile by WPI Economics on behalf of Trust for London and the London Road Safety Council (LRSC), explored the relationship between deprivation and the area in which road collisions occur.

The study found that there are more road traffic collisions recorded in the most deprived neighbourhoods in London than the least deprived.

The 10% of areas with the highest deprivation saw nearly 3,000 casualties in 2019, more than double the 1,400 in the 10% of areas with the lowest levels of deprivation.

A similar pattern is seen on roads where the speed limit is below 30mph.

However, the trend is even more extreme when looking only at collisions involving pedestrians – which are nearly three times as common in the most deprived neighbourhoods compared to the least.

The relationship between road collisions and deprivation can be seen most clearly in collisions involving slight injuries, according to the analysis.

Download the report from the Trust for London website: