Seatbelt and mobile phone surveys: Great Britain, 2017

Organisation: Department for Transport
Date uploaded: 26th February 2019
Date published/launched: February 2019

The percentage of drivers using a mobile phone behind the wheel – and those not wearing a seat belt – both appear to have fallen slightly in recent years.In this roadside observation survey, commissioned by the DfT and Transport Scotland, 1.1% of drivers were observed using a hand-held mobile phone in 2017 – compared to 1.6% in 2014.

The survey also shows a higher proportion of drivers committing the offence in Scotland (2%) compared to England and Wales (0.6%).

Looking at different types of vehicle, 1% of car drivers were observed using a hand-held mobile – compared to 3.3% of taxi drivers and 2.1% of van drivers.

There was also a slightly higher proportion of male drivers (1.2%) than female drivers (1.1%) seen using a mobile.

The observational survey, published on 7 February, also highlights a slight increase in the number of drivers wearing seat belts.

96.5% of drivers were observed using a seatbelt in 2017 – compared to 95.3% in 2014.

93.1% of front seat passengers and 90.7% of rear seat passengers were also observed using a seatbelt.

In terms of vehicle type, 98.6% of car drivers were observed using a seatbelt, compared to 70.8% of taxi drivers.

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