Safer Journey Ahead

Norfolk County Council

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15 February 2024

This report presents the findings of Safer Journeys Ahead, a project created and designed by Norfolk County Council (NCC) – with the additional support of funding granted by The Road Safety Trust.

The purpose of Safer Journeys Ahead was to; upskill and empower those who support children across the education sector with the knowledge and skills to deliver road safety messages to meet their school’s needs and to embed this life skill into everyday learning.

The intervention was aimed at teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1) and was trialled within the Norfolk region. The project also has the capacity to reach children in the social care environment, be used by volunteers in youth clubs and by parents/carers who home educate.

The focus of this project was to offer teachers the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of; road safety, what resources are available, create individual interventions that meet their aims, and embed positive, fun, and relatable road safety messaging within an existing school curriculum.

The project used a ‘train the trainer’ model, which allowed the Road Safety Team to upskill teachers and TAs. It was felt that those who support learning amongst children are in an optimum role to deliver road safety messages. Using curriculum led subjects, they can; adapt their teaching styles to meet the learners needs, develop pupil knowledge and social norms around road safety on a regular basis.

Visit The Road Safety Trust website to read the full report and download the practitioner guide: