Seat belts: time for action

Organisation: Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
Date uploaded: 31st March 2020
Date published/launched: March 2020

This report says that almost a third of people killed in vehicles during 2018 were not wearing a seat belt, higher than official figures suggest.The report uses Police Forensic Collision Investigators (PFCIs) data – obtained via a Freedom of Information (FoI) request.

The PFCI data found 31% of vehicle fatalities in 2018 were not wearing a seat belt – more than the 26% reported by the DfT’s Stats19 data.

The PACTS report says PFCI data differs to Stats19 because it is recorded by highly trained police officers, specialising in fatal and serious injury collision investigation.

In contrast, Stats19 data is usually collected by response officers at the scene, by phone or online, with some data based on reports by the public.

PACTS says more accurate and detailed information could be used to prevent further deaths – and is calling for more police forces and local authorities to consult with PFCIs.

PACTS also used the report to renew calls for a series of interventions that should be employed to increase seat belt wearing rates, first mentioned in an earlier report in 2019 – including the introduction of three penalty points for not wearing a seat belt – which currently happens in Northern Ireland, but not in England, Scotland or Wales.

It also wants greater enforcement of the seat belt law through targeted, intelligence-led measures – and for existing road safety education activities to be reviewed to see if seat belt wearing is given due prominence.

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