Shifting Face To Face Driver Safety Training Online

Organisations: PACTS & Nottingham Trent University

Date of Publication: June 2023

Added to Knowledge Centre: 15 June 2023

This report, written by professionals from across PACTS’ wide range of membership organisations, sets out to clearly lay out the best delivery methods for online road safety training.

It pulls together knowledge from the last three years to understand the changes involved in new ways of delivering training. 

The report finds that presenting online, as if trainees are in the same room, does not work. For the best outcomes, ‘super rich’ online learning environments need the course length, group size, interactive elements and more to be ‘just right’.

The authors also outline the challenges instructors can face when teaching online – such as avoiding distracting virtual backgrounds and encouraging interaction with trainees via a quiz and informal chat. Instructor feedback should also be carefully managed: being criticised in your own home is more threatening than in a classroom.

Lead researcher, professor David Crundall, Department of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Social Sciences, said: “While the rapid shift to online delivery has been largely successful, it is vital that driver safety courses are effective and engaging to improve road safety. 

“This is the first time that specific driver training guidance for virtual learning has been published and we hope that it addresses any challenges that trainers and organisers have faced since the pandemic.”

Click on the link below to access the report.