The safety of private e-scooters (interim report)

Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety (PACTS)

Amount awarded

Date of Publication
November 2021

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3 November 2021

This report suggests there is ‘a world of difference’ between the safety of e-scooters used within rental schemes and those that are privately owned.

The interim report has been published by PACTS, as part of a project funded by the Road Safety Trust to gather information on the safety of private e-scooter use.

It suggests that private e-scooters are unlike rental e-scooters in both their construction and use.

Referring to the build quality of privately-owned e-scooters, the report says there are no standards to be met for their safety or performance and a wide range of models are available.

Meanwhile, in terms of use, private devices are not fitted with the speed limiters, geofencing control of no-go or go-slow areas or onboard diagnostics afforded by rental e-scooters.

This leads PACTS to suggest there is no traceability of users and limited ability for enforcement authorities to penalise riders for irresponsible behaviour.

The report concludes: “PACTS is clear that rental scooters and their use are different in a number of significant respects from private scooters and private use. This will remain so.

“It will not be feasible to impose the sophisticated safety devices and management systems, employed in the better rental schemes, on private e-scooters and users.”

PACTS is urging the Government – which may seek to legalise the private use of e-scooters in 2022 – not to rush any decision.

Find out more about the project and access the interim report via the Road Safety Trust website: