The LASR Approach: a new methodology for prioritising local authority skid resistance

Organisation: Derby City Council

Amount awarded

July 2021

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre
18 August 2021

Many highway authorities routinely measure skid resistance on their key routes and carry out targeted improvements to reduce the risk of collisions. Typically, decisions about when and where to invest are guided by the research and approaches taken for national road networks. For local authorities, whose roads have different geometries, junction types, traffic speeds and traffic flow, the lack of evidence to support a risk-based approach poses a challenge for the effective management of their networks.

This research attempts to understand the link between skid resistance and collision risk on local roads. The researchers analysed data from 11 authorities and propose new thresholds and decision-making frameworks to support prioritisation of maintenance funding. If proven through trials, this will facilitate improved outcomes for road users and tax payers by targeting the locations that deliver the greatest safety benefits from skid resistance treatments.

Find out more and access the full project report on the Road Safety Trust website: