No excuse for speeding (campaign)

Organisation: Road Safety Scotland & the Scottish Government
Date of launch: February 2021
Date uploaded: 17 March 2021

This new national marketing campaign – focusing on speed reduction – was launched by the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland.

Speed is a key priority for the Scottish Government, it says, and an integral part of its newly-launched Road Safety Framework to 2030.

Latest figures show that speed is a contributory factor in 15% of all fatal and serious collisions in Scotland – a total of 848 collisions, 42 fatalities and 244 serious injuries in 2019.

The Scotland-wide campaign is running across multiple platforms including TV, radio and digital.

It highlights some of the excuses commonly used by drivers to justify their speeding behaviours, while reminding those behind the wheel that, if they’re caught, they could face severe penalties.

The campaign also urges drivers to consider the ‘devastating consequences’ a collision can have on the lives of many – including the driver, their family, the victim’s family, the emergency services and witnesses.

The Road Safety Framework to 2030 sets out new strategic outcomes, built around the safe system approach – coupled with a comprehensive performance management system to monitor and evaluate progress.

The Framework’s main goals are to halve road deaths by 2030 and achieve Vision Zero by 2050.

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland have also launched a new Stakeholder Hub, home to social media assets and other campaign materials for digital and print. The Hub will be updated with further assets as future campaigns are launched.

Visit the Road Safety Scotland website for more information about the campaign: