RAC Report on Motoring 2021

Organisation: RAC
Date of Publication: September 2021
Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 6 January 2022

Each year the RAC asks a representative cross-section of UK drivers for their views on a wide range of motoring topics – from dependency on the car and the cost of driving, to the condition of the roads and the safety of them – as part of the RAC Report on Motoring.

As well as tracking drivers’ changing views on their most pressing motoring-related concerns over many years, the Report also explores attitudes towards the latest developments in personal mobility and motoring – such as the widespread take-up of zero-emission electric cars and the changing face of the UK’s highways with the roll-out of ‘all lane running’ motorways.

For the 2021 report, 2,652 UK motorists were interviewed (i.e. those who hold a full, current driving licence, drive at least once a month and have a motor vehicle in their household). The responses were weighted to be nationally representative of age, gender, socio-economic groups and all UK regions.

You can explore sections within the report, or download the full Report on Motoring 2021, from the following link: