Evaluation of the driVR young road user education intervention

Organisation: Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
Date of Publication: August 2020
Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 13 October 2021

driVR is an intervention which uses virtual reality, group discussions and a workbook to engage young people (16-18 years old) with road safety messages. It was designed to improve self- awareness, empowerment to change, attitudes to targeted safety-related behaviours, and perceived legitimacy of road laws.

An evaluation with a quasi-experimental design was used to measure the effectiveness of the intervention. All participants completed self-report surveys measuring the outcome variables, both before and after the intervention (with comparison group participants having a similar delay between surveys, but no intervention).

No evidence was found of the intervention changing any of the intended outcomes. Importantly, the evaluation will enable the providers of the intervention to consider several improvements, including testing higher dosages, focusing on fewer safety messages and topics, and considering a process evaluation to check the fidelity with which the intervention is being delivered.

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