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    Andy Codd

    Hi all,

    I am being asked more frequently by schools about the possibility of either installing permanent “Bill & Belinda” bollards or the use of the temporary ones. I have to provide a report to my Cabinet Member but have been unsuccessful in finding any studies that assess the overall effect of these type of bollards.

    Has anyone done any studies or are you aware of any out there that look at the effectiveness of this resource? There seems to be plenty of anecdotal evidence for and against but nothing scientific.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Andrew Fraser

    Dear Andy,

    Perhaps the overall effect is articulated here:


    I wonder what effect your Cabinet Member seeks to achieve. What exactly is the problem? I live opposite a primary school and the only problems I can see won’t be solved by the installation of weird sculptures.

    Perhaps Iver District Council or Buckinghamshire can report on their effect on road safety … although I can’t see how distraction will improve it.



    Dear Andy

    My concern is that they are basically street clutter and may possibly cause blind spots should a young child of similar height be standing directly aside whilst intending to cross. It is not unknown for young children to be crossing independently without parents. In addition where there are parked cars collecting children, which is a huge problem in rural areas, they are likely to be unseen in any event. The use of school crossing flashing amber units should be sufficient in all cases and these are regulated already under TSRGD. They are functional by the schools, in that the school determines when they are on or off. In addition, there are other enforceable signs that can be used near schools which allow for prosecution if necessary.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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