Geographical trends in Vulnerable Road User KSI stats 2015-2019

Organisation: Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)
Date uploaded: 1 December 2020
Date published: November 2020

The Motorcycle Action Group says motorcycling is getting safer, and therefore ‘long standing prejudices are not legitimate and must be challenged’.

MAG’s comments come on the back of this analysis it carried out to establish whether the safety of vulnerable road users – motorcyclists, pedal cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians – is improving or getting worse.

The study looks at trends in casualty statistics among these groups over the five-year period 2015-2019.

The analysis shows motorcyclist KSIs reduced in all GB regions across the five-year period.

Meanwhile, KSIs among motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians significantly reduced in Lancashire, while pedestrians fare worst in Lincolnshire.

MAG says the KSI rate per billion vehicle miles ‘flipped’ in London in 2019, with the rate for cyclists becoming ‘slightly higher’ than that for motorcyclists.

MAG says its findings ‘open the way for a fresh perspective on VRU road safety’.

Access the data analysis on the MAG website: