National Rider Risk Awareness Course (NRRAC)

Organisation: UKROEd

Date course launched: April 2023

Uploaded to the Knowledge Centre: 16 May 2023

Powered two-wheeler riders committing certain road traffic offences can now opt to take this educational course as an alternative to prosecution.

NRRAC recognises that riders of motorcycles and mopeds are vulnerable road users, but it isn’t just a relative lack of protection that causes that vulnerability. Differences in the size and performance of the bike mean that riders behave differently to most other road users, and that also increases the risks involved in riding.

The course clarifies the sources of risk to riders and identifies ways that they can reduce that risk through behaviour change. The principle aim is to reduce high risk riding behaviour, and ultimately prevent a rider from experiencing the likely negative consequences of risky riding, such as road traffic collisions or loss of licence.

The course is suitable for recreational/leisure riders and commuters, as well courier and delivery riders whose riding behaviour has brought them to the attention of the police with a wide range of offences triggering referral.

The three-hour course can be taken at a venue or online.

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