Ready to Pass? (campaign)

Organisation: DVSA

Date of launch: July 2022

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 26 July 2022

The DVSA launched this behavioural change campaign to improve learner drivers’ understanding of what it means to be ‘test ready’.

The campaign was developed on the back of data showing that 51% of driving tests taken between October and December 2021 were failed.

‘Ready to Pass?’ encourages learners to delay their test if they are not ready – telling them this is ‘the best way of getting your independence and freedom as soon as possible’.

The campaign reminds learners that a test appointment can be changed without charge, as long as it is done at least three working days before the date.

It also aims to help with ‘learner nerves’ by providing better information on the pre and post driving test process and pointing candidates in the direction of where they can find help. 

With regard to knowing when a learner is test ready, the campaign says they will:

  • Not need help or prompts from a driving instructor
  • Not make silly mistakes when driving
  • Pass every mock driving test
  • Be able to control nerves

ADIs and ‘Ready to Pass?’
DVSA research suggests 89% of learners feel ADIs are the biggest influence when it comes to assessing their test readiness.

As a result, it has produced a suite of materials for ADIs to use to help pupils and their parents better understand what it means to be test ready.   

The toolkit includes information about the campaign, and some key messages designed to start a conversation between all parties. There is also draft content and graphics for social media, customer emails and blog posts.

Click on the link below to visit the campaign website:

Click on the link below to access the campaign toolkit for driving instructors: