20mph: a survey of GB attitudes and behaviours

Organisation: Bristol City Council & University of West England
Date uploaded: 31st March 2014
Date published/launched: September 2013

This survey was commissioned by Bristol City Council in partnership with the University of West of England’s Bristol Social Marketing Centre, with the aim of understanding attitudes and behaviours with respect to 20mph speed limits in Great Britain.With 20mph limits being rolled out across much of the country, this study set out to ascertain levels of support and opposition, the reasons for these, and the likely reaction to 20mph limits once they are in place.

One issue of particular concern was that drivers not complying with the limits once they are in place. Response strategies are required in terms of supporting and helping drivers to reduce their speeds. This survey was commissioned to provide supporting data for future work in this regard.

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Professor Alan Tapp
T: 0117 328 3439

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