Motorcycle user casualties, 2016 (Wales)

Organisation: Welsh Assembly Government/Road Safety Wales
Date uploaded: 6th February 2018
Date published/launched: January 2018

There were 22 motorcyclists were killed in Wales during 2016 – three fewer than the previous year.

There were 254 motorcyclists killed or seriously injured (KSI) in 2016 – down 7% from 273 in 2015. However, this figure is only 1% lower than the 2004-08 average (257).

408 motorcyclist casualties were slightly injured.

The figures also show that although motorcyclists only accounted for 0.7% of traffic in Wales in 2016, they represented 41% of motor vehicle drivers KSIs.

The majority of motorcyclists that were KSI (93%) or slightly (92%) injured were males.

46% of motorcyclist casualties were under 30 years and 54% were aged 30 years and over.

84% of motorcyclist KSI incidents occurred in fine weather, compared to 12% in rainy weather conditions.

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