School Streets Educational Course

Organisations: West Berkshire Council & Agilysis

Date of Publication: August 2023

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 24 October 2023

West Berkshire Council has teamed up with Agilysis to produce an online School Streets educational course – as part of efforts to maintain the safety and integrity of the council’s School Streets initiatives.

The course follows feedback from a local resident, who raised the idea of using money generated by fixed penalty notices to provide better driver education and awareness.

West Berkshire Council believes the concept could be easily adapted to address other moving traffic offences.

In July 2023, West Berkshire Council was granted Part 6 powers to use ANPR cameras to enforce School Street restrictions.

The new course is available for those who have been issued with a fixed penalty notice as a result of a School Street offence. The learning is incentivised by providing a substantial discount to the fixed penalty notice, if successfully completed.

The course is open to use by the public at any time, in the hope that it will provide a means of education so that they can avoid committing another offence.

In the course, users enter a virtual town filled with eight different characters that they must interact and speak with to progress. Each character adds a new perspective and outlines a benefit of the School Streets schemes.

The course takes around 30 minutes to complete – and there is a short eight question quiz at the end. Users need to score 6/8 in order to pass and be eligible for the discount.

Click here to access the resource.