The relationship between connected and autonomous vehicles, and skidding resistance:

Organisation: Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
Date of Publication: August 2020
Date Uploaded: 6 July 2021

Road based transportation is undergoing a dramatic and dynamic change. The advent of connected and autonomous vehicles, the continual development of vehicle sensors, and the introduction of high-speed communication networks (4G and 5G) present challenges and opportunities to all areas of transportation. This project explores how these technological advances, combined with innovative thinking, will be used in the future to improve the way in which the skid resistance properties of highways are measured.

This report seeks to outline the state of the art of how modern vehicle systems assess road-tyre interaction and how this might influence processes for the management of skid resistance on the highway asset in the UK. It also considers the highway and vehicle system as a whole and explores how highway asset data and vehicle data could be combined to improve highway safety through the focussed and timely prioritisation of maintenance.

Access the report via the TRL website:–and-skidding-resistance