Drive like Gran’s in the car – country roads (#DriveSmart campaign)

Organisation: Transport Scotland / Road Safety Scotland
Date uploaded: 10 November 2020
Date published/launched: October 2020

This closely-targeted advertising campaign was launched in Scotland to raise awareness of the potential dangers faced by young male drivers travelling on country roads.

Statistics show around 7,000 people were killed or seriously-injured while driving on country roads in 2018. Two-thirds of those killed were men – while 40% of those killed or seriously injured were aged between 22-49 years.

Devised by the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland, the latest phase of the #DriveSmart campaign urges young male drivers (20-29 years) to prepare for the unexpected and slow down on country roads.

It features the return of the cheeky, straight-talking Gran character, who has been a central feature in a number of recent road safety campaigns in Scotland.

The campaign includes a ‘humorous and thought-provoking’ video, highlighting speed and other potential hazards on country roads that can turn even a familiar journey into a potentially fatal one.

Gran appears from a young man’s crashed car to give him the appropriate dressing down following a lucky escape.

The campaign is running across a number of relevant channels for the audience including TV and catch up TV, cinema, digital and audio/radio platforms.

Online ads also feature on a variety of websites and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. The world of gaming is also targeted with adverts appearing within games such as Grid and Football Manager. Adverts will also run across Spotify and around podcasts.

Link for more information or to view the campaign