Author: Dr Elizabeth Box

Launched: 2022

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 21 June 2023

The DriveFit intervention, designed to address the needs of 16-18-year-old pre-drivers, is available for download free of charge from the Road Safety GB website.

DriveFit was developed by Dr Elizabeth Box, doctoral researcher at Cranfield University and director of research at the RAC Foundation, as part of the Pre-driver Theatre and Workshop Education Research (PdTWER) programme, which ran between September 2019 and March 2023. Click here to read an evaluation of the PdTWER programme.

DriveFit was initially tested and delivered as a 40-minute film, followed by an online workshop, delivered within two weeks of watching the film.

However, feedback from practitioners, teachers and students suggests that smaller, bite-sized video clips, with engaging interactive learning in-between, would probably improve student engagement and attention levels.

To address this, individual clips from the DriveFit film are now available, alongside the original longer version of the film.

The shorter clips cover the following topics: Learning to drive; hazard prediction; vehicle choice; managing mobile phone use and passengers; managing fatigue; managing speed and avoiding drink and drug impaired driving.

Both the full-length version and the shorter clips are available with and without sub titles.

DriveFit Intervention Delivery Group has been set up on LinkedIn.

Click on the link below to access the DriveFit resources:

Footnote: The DriveFit programme of research was supported by the RAC Foundation, Road Safety GB, the National Fire Chiefs Council, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, the Road Safety Trust and the Department for Transport. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and Kent Fire and Rescue Service also supported the delivery of the DriveFit research trial.