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    Rob Camp

    If you are involved with completing a walked route assessment in line with national guidelines (school transport appeals) I would be interested to know if any Council has a better system than outlined below:

    In Dorset the Road Safety Officer completes the WRA, compiles a report in line with national guidelines. The RSO responds to the appellant, in such cases that the route is deemed available, the parent has the right to appeal the decision to a dedicated members’ panel. The panel ultimately can overturn the RSO’s recommendation.

    I would like to know if any council has a faster system, where members are not involved?

    Rob Camp


    This response is from our Neath Port Talbot Learner Travel Officer –

    Whilst our National Guidelines are different here in Wales to England, in principle the WRA process is the same, except every child has a legal right to request a WRA under Welsh Law.

    In my local authority, we have a dedicated officer within the Road Safety Team that deals with WRA, working independently of Education/Transport departments. Education make a request for Road Safety to undertake a WRA. The dedicated officer completes the WRA and responds back to Education whether route is available or not. Education contact parent/guardian and let them know the outcome. Road Safety have no involvement in correspondence with parents/guardians or the appeals process unless invited to attend by Education.

    We have a 2 stage appeal system that doesn’t have any member involvement.


    NPT Learner Travel Office
    G Hughes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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