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Organisations: Highways England & Road Safety Analysis
Date uploaded: 5 January 2021
Date of publication: 2019

The aim of this document is to provide an analysis of fatal and serious-injury collisions involving powered-2-wheelers (P2W) in the Eastern Region. This is to support a Highways England led initiative to reduce the number of P2W riders killed or seriously injured (KSI) on all roads across the region.

This document draws on published STATS19 collision data for the Eastern Region, spanning the 5-year period 2011-2015. The trends identified in this document are long-term in nature, suggesting they will continue if left unchecked. The document also uses other datasets that help understand rider profiles and demographics. It examines riders (as opposed to casualties) involved in KSI collisions in order to determine trends in risk resulting from the net-effect of exposure and behaviour. The vast majority (96%) of P2W riders involved in KSI collisions are themselves a KSI casualty, so understanding the role of the rider is an effective way of understanding the casualty.

Riders of powered-2-wheelers are consistently and considerably over represented in KSI collisions compared to other types of road user. These collisions cost the public sector in the Eastern Region £38 million per year, and although rider risk has reduced since the early 1990s, this reduction has been at a slower rate than it has been for other road users.

The analysis identifies three main rider groups, which between them are involved in 76% of P2W KSI collisions. The group termed “Young Riders” are aged 16-25 and tend to ride relatively short distances on low capacity bikes in the urban areas where they live and have most of their collisions. “Commuters” are aged 26-65 and have their collisions on weekdays, mostly during morning and afternoon commuting times on urban roads. “Leisure Riders” are mainly aged 26-55 and are the group most likely to have collisions on rural roads, riding bikes with 500cc+ engines, at the weekend.

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