Understanding Young Riders: Research for the National Young Rider Forum

Organisations: National Young Rider Forum & Agilysis
Date of Publication: March 2021
Date Uploaded: 14 April 2021

The  National  Young  Rider  Forum  (NYRF)  is  a  group  of  road  safety  professionals  which  includes representatives  from  MCIA,  MAG,  local  authority  road  safety  teams, police forces, fire & rescue and road  safety  partnerships   from   across   the   country.

Before   developing   or   delivering   any   new interventions  targeting  young  riders, the  Forum  decided  to  commission  research  to  understand  the attitudes, behaviours, needs and preferred methods of communication of young riders. The aim of this research project is to inform,  inspire  and  drive  appropriate  road  safety  activitiesand  to  assist practitioners to deliver effective, consistent interventions.

The research is multi-phased, combining an understanding of the problem through analysis of collision data with insights from young riders themselves. The latter feedback was collected through an online survey  and  virtual  interviews (due  to  the  Covid-19  pandemic,  the  interviews  took  place remotely via Zoom).

The  findings  provide  the  NYRF  with  information  on  how  and  why  young  riders  are  at  risk  of collision involvement, and an understanding of the motivations of young riders and what they need, in terms of support.

Deep learning segmentation of survey results was undertaken to group motorcyclists into clusters, based on their questionnaire responses. The clusters can be used to target different types of young motorcyclist, tailoring to their specific needs.

Download the report from the Shiny Side Up website: