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    Tanya Fosdick

    Hi all,

    We’re working with National Highways on a review of motorcycle education and training interventions.

    We’re aware of national schemes such as BikeSafe, BikerDown and RideFree, and national post-test training providers, like RoSPA, IAM RoadSmart, and ERS but we want to make sure we don’t miss out on any locally delivered interventions.

    The focus is education and training (rather than campaigns or enforcement)- any schemes you could sign post us to would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks in Advance!

    Andy Micklethwaite

    Norfolk Constabulary started their Safe Rider programme in 1998. It merged into Bikesafe, once that was created, and then out again (along with Suffolk Constabulary) for reasons I won’t go into but runs 12 courses with 12 riders on each.

    It is a very similar package to Bikesafe, being advice and assessment based on the Roadcraft manual. It aims at steering people to further training and their advanced test with the IAM or RoSPA. It is a partnership project with Norfolk County Council.

    Norfolk County Council also run a 2 hour 1:1 skills session based on whatever the rider needs to work on. This can be the first session of an ERS course if they client wishes it and is conducted by an ERS qualified trainer.

    Both courses use access to rider skills download material as advice on how to perform the behaviour, based on key topics from the police Roadcraft manual to support their learning. These are currently undergoing revisions and can be found on

    A scooter safety presentation for schools and colleges has been re-written for 2024 and will be promoted by the police when doing their schools education package.


    Good afternoon,

    I am currently aware that Staffordshire County Council have in place a pre motorcycle training course. I believe this is classroom based, and gives guidance to prospective students and parents of the younger riders de using whether to learn to ride.

    I have a copy of one of their introduction packs which I would be happy to forward onto you.


    Tanya Fosdick

    Thanks very much for the information on interventions in Norfolk, Andy. Very useful.

    Dave – please do send information on Staffordshire’s training course to Thank you in advance

    Kevin Wilcox

    I am a Motorcycle Road Safety Officer from Staffordshire CC. I have emailed information to Tanya regarding our Pre-CBT Scheme and BikeSense Rider Development Scheme.


    Julie Pillai
    Participant – Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists

    Julie, WBC

    Laressa Robinson

    Hi Tanya

    Dorset Police currently deliver a Motorcycle Awareness Programme (MAP) for riders who would normally fall under the Driver Awareness Scheme. These are currently classroom courses, as we felt the webinars didn’t have the same positive affect on the group.

    It’s reasonably new, so no data as yet.

    Kind regards

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