Is pushing it worth it? (campaign)

Organisation: THINK!

Date of Publication: March 2023

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 15 March 2023

Speed contributes to around one in four fatal collisions on the roads, and kills and injures 54 young people every week. But despite this, only 32% of young men consider it very risky, with THINK! research showing that this audience particularly underestimate the risks of driving just a little too fast for the conditions.

This THINK! campaign aims to raise awareness of the impact that even slight speeding on rural roads can have. The campaign speaks to male drivers aged 17-24 years, as they are overrepresented in speed-related deaths and injuries. The campaign creative highlights the consequences of driving a little too fast for the conditions, and champions those who respect the road and get there safely.

The campaign asks young drivers, ‘Is pushing it worth it?’, encouraging them to reflect on their own driving and to reappraise the consequences of what they currently perceive to be safe speeds. It will run across video on demand, digital audio, online video and social media for four weeks in March 2023.

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