Reaching EU road safety objectives: Time to move up a gear

Organisation: European Court of Auditors

Date of Publication: April 2024

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 2 July 2024

In 2022, 20,640 people were killed in road accidents in the EU, with pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists particularly at risk. The EU aims at halving road fatalities and serious injuries by 2030 and getting close to zero by 2050.

This report assesses whether the Commission had been effective at setting up the EU Safe System approach and supporting member states in the achievement of those objectives.

It concludes that the Commission has set up a comprehensive approach. However, it also identified shortcomings in the Commission’s actions. At the current rate of progress, and without additional efforts from the EU and member states, these ambitious objectives are unlikely to be reached. The report makes recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the Commission’s initiatives in this area.

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