Post Crash Response (conference)

Organisation: Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
Date uploaded: 20th November 2019
Date published/launched: October 2019

The Safe System approach to road safety aims to minimise road deaths and life-changing injuries rather than to prevent all crashes. The effectiveness of post-crash response is therefore a crucial part of the system.This conference featured practitioners, politicians and researchers involved in specifying and delivering these vital services. It presented innovative working methods and questioned established practices, challenging stakeholders to work more closely to optimise patient outcomes, learn from the events and support victims’ families.

Conference themes included
– The political and policy framework
– Understanding and challenging institutional constraints
– Emergency services: current practice, evidence base and innovation
– Multi-skilling of frontline staff
– Speed of response v specialist care – finding the optimum
– Learning from other European countries – ETSC’s REVIVE project
– Forensic collision investigation: where next?
– Co-ordinating responders, gathering evidence and minimising traffic delays on the SRN
– Technology; e-call, telematics, EDR data and CAV implications
– Support for victims’ families and their contribution to road safety

The conference presentations and a series of sound bites and key points from the day can be accessed via the link below.

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