Saving Lives: Reducing preventable harm caused by driving under the influence (concensus statement)

Organisation: British Medical Association (BMA)

Date of Publication: June 2024

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 9 July 2024

Harm caused by alcohol and other drugs, including when driving under the influence, places an avoidable burden on individuals and our society, emergency services, the NHS, and the economy. Alcohol harm is not experienced equally, with those from lower socio-economic backgrounds experiencing greater levels of harm despite equal or lower levels of consumption. A similar disparity can be seen with illicit substance use.

Alcohol and drug related deaths were at a record high in 2021 and 2022. Fatalities and collisions caused by driving under the influence of alcohol have not decreased in the last decade, with almost one-fifth of all road deaths caused by drink-drivers. Moreover, drug-driving fatalities and collisions have escalated in the same time period.

The problem is complex and a holistic approach to tackle this issue is critical to save lives and reduce the strain on our services and the economy. Therefore, the BMA, in collaboration with a range of organisations representing medical professional bodies, alcohol and road safety charities and campaign groups, police and emergency
services, and others, have developed this consensus statement. It covers actions which, if adopted, would enable progress towards reducing substance use harm, particularly harm caused to road users.

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