The Development and Evaluation of an Older Driver Approved Driving Instructor Training Course

Organisation: eDriving Solutions

Date of Publication: November 2021

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 2 November 2022

There is concern that Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) do not have the knowledge needed to support drivers as they age, making it difficult for organisations to recruit suitably qualified instructors to work on the support schemes they operate. This project aimed to deliver a classroom-based course to 300 ADIs, with the intention of improving their understanding of the issues that drivers could face as they age.

This was not possible due to Covid restrictions preventing the delivery of classroom training. The project team response to this situation was to develop an online version of the course. This online version consisted of 3 x 3.5 hour facilitated sessions, supported by two e-learning modules to be completed between sessions, covering diabetes and self-assessment. Exactly 250 ADIs received the online version of the course.

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