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    Katie Ireland

    Hello all

    We deliver Small Steps practical pedestrian training to KS1 at the moment (based on what was Kerbcraft) and are looking at whether a follow up session/sessions would be beneficial for Year 5/6 as the pupils transition to independent travel.

    Does anyone currently run anything along these lines or has anyone in the past? What did it cover and was any evaluation carried out? I’d be really interested in others experience before potentially piloting something in Kent

    Thanks all


    Max Moorcock

    Hi Katie,

    We offer classroom based ped training EYFS to KS6 for primaries. Unfortunately we or the schools don’t have the resources for any type of practical (other than the little ones getting to use our mini zebra crossing).
    While my colleague provides the EYFS/KS1 sessions, I focus on KS2. Part of that is a workshop we run for year fives about mapping safer routes which reinforces the key skills (safer crossing places, Stop-look-listen-think etc) they should have learnt in KS1. Each session is tailored to the individual school and it’s surroundings and also links into the geography curriculum.
    I also offer a collision investigation workshop for year six which looks at causation factors and through this also reinforces those key skills. After SATs I offer them our secondary transition workshop which looks at the differences they will face (public transport, peer pressure etc), but again reinforces their key skills, or more exactly encourages them to actually use the skills they have.
    All year five and six sessions have a healthy dose of the reality of living in Hackney. Where KS1 and Yr3/4 is about finding a safer place to cross with no parked cars etc, for those traveling independently I believe they need to be taught how to deal with the fact that most of our pavements are covered with vehicles.

    Anyway, if you would like to discuss any of it further let me know, I’m not precious about this stuff so happy to share lesson plans/presentations and get some feedback. In case it doesn’t come up automatically my email is

    Jocelyn Arnell

    Hi Katie,

    we provide road side pedestrian training for years 3-6 in the Tyne and Wear and Northumberland area. If you want to email me I am happy to share any information that might help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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