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    Rae Callender

    A number of SCPs have asked during the very hot weather if can they wear a high viz vest.  It’s my understanding that arms etc must be covered but I have seen in different photos some LAs have hi viz vests in the summer months. Any help would be appreciated.

    Andrew Fraser
    Janet Fairhead

    In Hertfordshire we follow the RSGB Guidelines as below:

    The Secretary of State, exercising the powers conferred on him by section 28(1)
    of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, has approved the uniform to be worn by
    an SCP, as described in ‘Home Office Circular No. 3/1989 SCPs Uniform’ (see
    Appendix 12 and 13). Circular 3/1989 refers to a coat and is modelled on a
    dustcoat, which is a knee-length garment. It also requires patrols to wear “a
    peaked cap, beret or yellow turban”.
    In addition, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Personal Protective
    Equipment Regulations 1992, require that anyone working on or by the road
    (including SCPs) must wear a high visibility garment that complies with the
    requirements of the relevant British Standard. The current standard is BS EN ISO
    20471: 2013, which replaced BS EN 471:2003 on 31 July 2013. Existing uniforms
    complying with BS EN 471 can still be used.
    Therefore, when considering buying SCP uniforms, Authorities must comply with
    Home Office Circular 3/1989 and ensure their uniforms meet BS EN ISO 20471:
    2013 class 3. Existing stocks of uniforms complying with BS EN 471 can still be
    The SCP uniform must be full-length (that is, a knee-length coat not a jacket). A
    shorter coat will affect the visibility of the uniform, particularly when measured
    from the horizontal eye point of a driver, taken as being 1.05m from the road
    surface. Tests have shown that Saturn Yellow continues to be the most effective
    fluorescent colour.
    Road Safety GB considers that circular 3/1989 is not fit for purpose. A revised
    circular, based on current good practice and the British Standard for PPE for
    operating on the highway, has been submitted to the Home Office, which they are
    currently considering. It is recommend that authorities use uniforms meeting the
    standards in the proposed revised circular in Appendix 13
    An SCP should be supplied with a good quality waterproof coat capable of being
    easily cleaned, of good design and comfortable to wear. Buying the cheapest
    available coat may prove to be a false economy, as it is likely to need replacing
    sooner than a good quality garment. It is recommended that an extra lightweight
    coat be supplied for summer use but it must still comply with Circular 3/1989 and
    BS EN ISO 20471: 2013, (or BS EN 471:2003 for existing uniforms) Class 3 as
    SCP Guidelines
    Revised April 2018
    discussed above.
    Some Authorities supply other articles of clothing and the following may be
    considered desirable in view of the PPE Regulations.
    • boots and leggings
    • gloves
    • thermal body warmers
    • winter trax.

    Rae Callender

    Many thanks. Thanks for clarifying. I will let them know that the guidance has not changed in terms of knee length coats. This was what I originally thought but due to the number of patrols asking the question, I thought I would check. Rae

    Kerry Burgoyne

    Here at Keltic we supply the lightest weight conforming summer stop jacket, which is extremely durable and breathable.

    A knee length outer garment with full length sleeves, consisting of no more than two fluorescent colours covering the whole outer area of the garment (but may include non fluorescent *trimmings). The Garment shall be certified, by a Notified Body, to the highest Class of the standard for “High Visibility Warning Clothing”, currently Class 3 ISO 20471 equivalent. The garment is to include a retro-reflective tape configuration of at least two bands on the torso and one 50mm band, not greater than 300mm from the hem of the body.

    Summer Stop Jacket

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